Intimate Wedding at Villa & Vine

Shannon and Brandon

I was so excited when Shannon reached out to me about photographing her wedding. She is so sweet and funny that I couldn’t wait to meet them!

Their small ceremony was intimate and touching while staying true to their goofy and warm vibe as a couple. Their ceremony was at Villa and Vine then, we went to the courthouse for family photos and portraits. We met again later in the day to take some photos at the Arlington Theater and ended the day photographing them at Mesa Lane Beach.

After learning a bit more about this couple, it is clear why they make such an awesome pair.

When they first met, Brandon and Shannon knew they were interested in one another, but kept things casual at first. Walking through the doors of a scrappy little Mediterranean place on Venice Boulevard, Brandon was taken with Shannon. Her laugh bellowed across the restaurant and he knew he had to get to know her better. 

Initially, they stuck to group settings, bumping into each other at gatherings before Shannon made the first move. She asked Brandon out and they saw a movie, sneaking in full-size pizzas in Shannon’s oversized purse. In the movie, Shannon made the second move, too. She leaned over and kissed Brandon, who claims his feet haven’t touched the ground since. 

Throughout their relationship, Shannon’s trust sidekick Teddy, a twelve-year-old spaniel mix has been by their side. Brandon made a great impression on the pup, who has allowed him to be a part of Shannon’s life ever since. Now, Teddy hardly leaves Brandon’s side, too, as the three of them slowly grew into a loving family unit.

Now, Shannon and Brandon have shared many memories together. They have attended weddings, watched Raider and Dodger games, taken road trips, and been through their fair share of ups and downs. Every night, regardless of the day behind them, they find a way to share a kiss at the end of the night and a tight hug in the morning. They are the kind of couple who pick each other up when they are down and this energy is clear to everyone who knows them.

On August 21st, 2020, Brandon devised a plan to surprise Shannon by getting her friends and family together to witness the start of their next journey together. Shannon believed she was spending the day with her sister to scatter their mother’s ashes, but she soon realized that there was even more to the day. Atop the cliffs of Rancho Palos Verdes, in front of their loved ones, Brandon got on one knee and asked Shannon for her hand in marriage. She said an enthusiastic yes and the rest is history.

I feel so honored that they chose me to photograph their wedding.

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