Zaca Mesa Wedding // Emily and Brandon

This stunning wedding at Zaca Mesa winery was one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever seen.

I’ve attended a few wedding ceremonies as a wedding photographer, and one of my favorites is that of Emily and Brandon. It was an emotional wedding for the whole family, especially Emily.

However, the innate sweetness of Emily’s heart was brought forth by her organization and how she made the day extremely easy for everyone.

Brandon would not be left out, and he also made the day an amazing one with his cheerful disposition and thoughtfulness. As a result, the wedding became the epitome of perfection, with a perfect sunset at the top of the hill on what was a beautiful sunny day at Zaca Mesa Winery in Los Olivos, CA.

Another beautiful and emotional part of the wedding was when two of Emily’s father’s best friends walked her down the aisle. Emily’s father passed away a few years ago and this was a beautiful way to honor his memory. There was not a dry eye at this moment.

Here’s a little bit about their proposal day:

What had started out as just a few extra nights in Monterey, CA. had ended with the couple at Refugio State beach, where they set up a picnic and Brandon proposing. Brandon has repeatedly gone from one beach to another till he found the perfect place.

This meant driving miles into the sunset just to get that perfect proposal picture that he had planned in his mind, and he got it. The night had ended with both of them dancing into the sunset before they told the news to Emily’s mom.

This beautiful story of a winery wedding is best told in pictures, and I will step aside for you to view them all in the stunning gallery below….

Wedding Planner: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Linda Linton ‭+1 (805) 245-2104‬

Venue Coordinator: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Tara Creighton (805) 730-0459 @zacamesawinery

Hair Stylist: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Tami Bernard 805-431-9685 @tamibernardmakeup

Makeup artist: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Tami Bernard 805-431-9685 @tamibernardmakeup

Florist: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Renae’s Bouquets @renaesbouquet

Wedding Dress: Designer, Store: Justin Alexander Bought at Ever After Bridal in Moorepark

Attire for Bridesmaids: Designer, Store: Birdy Grey

Cake Vendor: Company name, contact, and website: Enjoy Cupcakes Amber Vanderbilt

Band/ DJ: Company Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Kevin Miso Instagram: kevinmiso

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