Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding // April and Casey

April and Casey are two delightsome individuals, and coming together as one, they make such a lovely couple, and that is what I am in the business for. 

What started out as a high school sweetheart love story ended in a forever till death do us part story with two lives becoming one and two families being united. 

Not to sound cliché here, but there’s a saying that goes thus, “what’s meant to be will always be,” and it applies to the love story of April and Casey.

April and Casey were high school sweethearts that grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, and the best part about it was that they went to Prom together (Yep! As each other’s date. Beautiful, isn’t it?) 

However, they got disconnected and went their separate ways in college. After what seemed like an eternity, like two peas meant to be in the same pod, they found each other again 13 years later and made a promise not to let go of each other.

That promise brings us to now as they escape to Santa Barbara Courthouse to finally seal the deal. It’s almost like that was the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. While April works for Udemy, an EdTech company, Casey is a firefighter, and they both live in Tacoma, WA. 

With their love for the outdoors, April, Casey, and Ernest, their Golden Retriever, love spending time outdoors on the beach and taking hikes.

While taking the magical, stunning pictures of this couple and seizing the few magic moments of this intimate wedding with a stunning rental car and sunken gardens, April and Casey’s wedding ceremony with just their parents in attendance teaches me this lovely story – you don’t need to have the world at the wedding ceremony all you need is to have your world at the wedding ceremony.

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