Engagement Session / Olivia and Peter

As a wedding photographer, every love story I have the honor to capture is truly unique and beautiful. Olivia and Peter’s engagement session was no exception – a blend of contemporary romance, shared passions, and a touch of moody ambiance.

The day of their shoot was softly overcast, casting a gentle, diffused light that added a hint of enchantment to the atmosphere. The clouds acted as a natural filter, creating the perfect setting for capturing those intimate moments that reflect the depth of their love.

Olivia and Peter had a clear vision for their engagement session. Instead of the typical beach setting, they chose the Santa Barbara Courthouse and San Marcos Foothills, a choice that allowed us to embrace the natural beauty of the location while staying true to their unique love story.

Speaking of their love story, Olivia and Peter’s journey began in a modern way – through online connections. A few exchanged messages sparked their connection, leading to a memorable first date at R+D Kitchen in Santa Monica. Surprisingly, they discovered they lived just minutes away from each other.

Their shared interests, such as golf, family bonds, and a mutual USC education, cemented their connection from the start. Olivia’s decision to order dinner during their supposed “just drinks” date added an unexpected yet endearing element to their story.

Fast forward through two adventurous years, countless trips, and four months of cohabitation in El Segundo, California, Peter was ready to take the next step. Against the stunning backdrop of Palos Verdes, he orchestrated a proposal that would remain etched in their memories.

Celebrations followed at Terranea, where their families eagerly awaited to honor their love. As a final touch, Peter surprised Olivia with a hotel stay, adding an extra layer of enchantment to the day.

As their October wedding date approaches at The Langham Huntington in Pasadena, I eagerly anticipate the chance to capture the next chapter of Olivia and Peter’s love story.

Olivia and Peter’s engagement session stands as a testament to the strength of modern love, shared interests, and the magic that emerges when two souls connect. As their chosen photographer, I am honored to be part of their journey and entrusted with the task of preserving their precious moments for eternity.

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