Rincon Beach Club Wedding // Caitlin and Jack

Caitlin and Jack’s enchanting love story reminds us of how powerful the emotion of true love can be, making the world seem more magical. Captivating everyone around them, their love story revealed the incredible power of a strong connection between two individuals.

Caitlin and Jack originally met at UCSB back in 2008. However, their relationship truly took off after Caitlin moved to Los Angeles in 2012. Since then, they’ve gone on adventure after adventure, exploring new cities, taking in the views, and creating memories together. 

Their amazing and cushy jobs have provided them with opportunities across the years to travel together as well, bringing them to Indio, Honolulu, and more. Whenever Caitlin and Jack get the opportunity, they take the scenic route to their little bungalow in Hermosa Beach with their two fur babies.

Jack wanted to make the proposed day unique and unforgettable. So, he planned something extraordinary. He wanted to go to the beach in front of their house to watch the sunset before dinner on Caitlin’s birthday. Jack lugged his tripod down to capture some great photos. So, this birthday turned out to have something more special in store for him — and most importantly, for her. This beach visit turned into the most special birthday for Caitlin to date. 

What began at UCSB ended in a beautiful beach wedding in Santa Barbara. Caitlin and Jack hosted approximately 125 people. Their wedding at Rincon Beach club was followed by a breathtaking ceremony at the beach, accompanied by stunning sunset and weather. 

Every shot I captured held within its emotion so pure and true – delivering an invaluable keepsake to last them forever. Their beautiful union alone was enough to liven up the entire beach!


Wedding Planner: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Carol Borowitz
Owner |Event Designer

Venue: Events by Rincon + Zoo Catering Services carol@eventsbyrincon.com IG = @eventsbyrincon

Wedding Dress: La Perle by Calla Blanche from @bridalelegancestudio

Attire for Bridesmaids: Emilia Draped Satin Gown from Windsor

Cake Vendor: Company name, contact, and website: Treated Sweetly, Brittany Adams @treated_sweetly

Band/ DJ: DJ Zeke zeke@djzekesb.com

Invitations: Minted; minted.com

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