Baecation in Santa Barbara – CA

Chantéa and Michael

Can I just say one thing? I LOVE living here on the West Coast! Simply can’t get enough of the long sun-kissed shores, beautiful weather, and picturesque mountains that grace my eyes near my home in Santa Barbara. Even though I miss my New Jersey couples, I do enjoy meeting new people as well and capturing their amazing stories!

I was over the moon when Chantéa reached out and wanted me to photograph her together with her husband here in Santa Barbara. They have been college sweethearts which grew to be parents of 4 amazing children! Of course, it comes a time when couples need time for themselves, so they decided to come from Fresno and enjoy the Santa Barbara beaches for their “Baecation”.

Because I love to get to know my couples, I get so excited when listening about how they met or fell in love. It is what additionally fuels my passion and inspires me to portray their chapter in life. From the photos, it is obvious that these gorgeous souls have many tales that spark their joy!

Their story:

Michael noticed Chantéa in his senior year and said immediately that she was the one that he was going to marry! It took him 2 years to go on a date with her because he was very shy. Chantéa on the other hand always thought she’d end up marrying a football player, but we all know the ending of that story!

On the last day of school, he told her that he is going back to LA, and she cried. After hugging her, he left and they didn’t exchange phone numbers but later in senior year when she was working at the mall; he courageously approached her and she finally gave him her phone number. They went on a date the next day and had their first kiss! After that, they just couldn’t stay apart!

We started our day with a shoot at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, whose architecture wonderfully framed their love. Continuing the journey, we went to Sands Beach – which is one of the most beautiful Santa Barbara beaches, especially at sunset. They awoke their passion on the open field adorned with sublime mountains in the background; and after that, we ended the session at the beach, where they let their romance roam free embracing the sand and dusky hues. What a perfect day!

I just loved having them in front of my lens and looking forward to more California couples that want to feel the charm of Santa Barbara. Whether it would be an adventurous hike, long beach stroll, or wandering through the urban part and witnessing amazing places like the Santa Barbara Courthouse; I am up for anything and looking forward to hearing & capturing your story!

session at Santa Barbara Courthouse

Sessio at Santa Barbara Courthouse

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