Alayna and Cole//SB Session

Love is an incredible feeling to experience, and it becomes even more astounding when a couple binds themselves to a life-long promise. Engagements have a special place in my heart and I love sharing them with you! Today, immerse into this lovely couple’s Elwood Bluffs engagement session that will definitely enchant you!

Their story is as dramatic as you can expect. It started with a typical meeting at a bar, but the fun part is that it was not the boy noticing the girl and falling in love at first sight. In fact, it was his father! Sounds cool, right? He told her that his son, Cole, was going to marry her as soon as he saw her pop a bottle of champagne and the cork hit the ceiling. Feels like a real-life movie!

To make it a lasting event, they traveled all the way from Ohio to Santa Barbara. These two souls love traveling so much so this was nothing out of the ordinary! Plus, when going for a phenomenal sunset engagement session, Santa Barbara is a perfect choice. 

The chemistry between the two spoke volumes about their love and care for each other and made the sunset engagement session even more amazing and romantic. They truly are a picture-perfect and fun couple, so it is no surprise that their Elwood Bluffs engagement was beyond magical!

Besides their engagement session, I am so excited to shoot their upcoming intimate wedding as well, expected to take place at Villa and Vine, Santa Barbara Courthouse; in June next year. I can’t wait to get on the dance floor with them!

If you are up for an adventurous journey with me at the breathtaking beaches of Santa Barbara, or any other place, fill out my contact form! and I will get back to you shortly.

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