Christmas Themed Wedding at Santa Barbara Woman’s Club // Marie and Yusef

Marie and Yusef’s romantic tale began on the campaign trail of Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles. They talked while there and soon found out they had a lot in common. Little did they know that day would be the start of something special. 

On the proposed day Yusef surprised her by coming up with an elaborate plan involving her white 980 450 SL convertible car. He drove them all around town while sharing stories and memories before finally stopping outside Marie’s house, where he proposed right then and there. Of course, she said yes! 

They celebrated by having burritos at Lucy’s drive-in on La Brea Avenue – something neither of them had ever done together – before driving off into the sunset hand in hand, knowing this was only the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife. 

Marie and Yusef’s wedding were a vision of winter solstice that meets Arabian nights. The perfect combination for the Christmas-themed celebration Marie had initially envisioned. With moody and whimsical decor, the ceremony was set in a beautiful Bavarian Forrest, illuminated by sparkling fairy lights that hung from the trees.

The couple chose mahogany chivalry chairs with linen seats to provide guests with comfortable seating throughout the event. To complement this look, they included heavy silverware and cut crystal details throughout their tablescapes, as well as colorful floral plates, which added an extra layer of romance to the evening’s festivities. 

Yusef’s two children, Omar, and Waverly helped bring a playful element to the special day; they acted as best man and maid of honor, respectively, while also providing fun activities like a Hot Cocoa bar and cookies for all guests.

An exceptional touch was all the bows present at Marie & Yusef’s nuptials. From her dress down to her earrings – every detail oozed classic elegance but still kept in tune with their festive theme – even going so far as placing bows on top of wreaths and garlands around each tree in sight. She said, “I’m like a Christmas present for my love, all wrapped up with bows!” What could be more perfect, right?

I was so delighted to be part of the moment two hearts became one, celebrating their union at the majestic Santa Barbara Woman’s Club. The photos documenting this joyous occasion are a treasured memory – now and for eternity!

Wedding Planner: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Esther Oh & Emily Park @studiokmrbi

Venue Coordinator: Name, phone number, e-mail, and Instagram: Suzy Cawthon (805) 682-4546 @santabarbarawomansclub

Wedding Dress: Designer, Store: The Vampire’s Wife

Florals: Margaret Joan Florals Intrepid Floral Co., Foriver Floral, and Wild West Florals

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