The Loft at Luna Wedding // Rachel and Nick

Rachel and Nick’s story of love, at first sight, began with a chance encounter in college. Then, just starting out as a freshman, Rachel had no idea that the man she thought was cute while passing by the rec center would become so much more years later when they connected through an online dating app. As it turned out, their reunion was fortunate; after chatting on Tinder, they discovered what brought them together all those years ago.

Rachel and Nick had been dating for two years when they decided to move from Michigan to California. It was a great decision, bringing them closer together than ever before. They were delighted together, and life seemed perfect.

In December 2020, Nick decided it was time to take things to the next level and asked Rachel’s father for his permission to marry her. Their favorite spot to visit was the Carpinteria Bluffs. Every time they went there, they would sit on the bench overlooking the ocean and watch the sunset.

One day, Rachel asked if they could go back to their special spot at sunset, not knowing why it meant so much to Nick. When they arrived at the bluffs, Nick got out his drone and said he wanted to take some pictures of them together while watching the sunset – but what Rachel didn’t realize was that he had something else planned.

The drone started recording as Nick pretended to take pictures with it; then, he dropped onto one knee in front of her and presented her with an engagement ring. Tears filled Rachel’s eyes as she realized what was happening: Nick had set up this perfect proposal scene just for them both.

I was delighted when Rachel and Nick invited me to photograph their special day in Grand Rapids, MI. Their celebration was an unforgettable experience, with family & friends enthusiastically participating in a Filipino money dance for the bride and groom. 

Each moment overflowed with love as I witnessed this union between two amazing people. Truly beautiful memories were photographed on what turned out to be a perfect summer night.

Day of Coordinator: Nicole Wanitshka ,

Venue Coordinator: Jenna Dodge
(616) 288-6340

Videographer: Thomas Lovachis 517-388-3400

Hair Stylist: Emily Riffel 586-337-0686

Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal

Attire for Bridesmaids: Birdy Grey

Band/ DJ: Hotbeats Entertainment – Rod Carpenter 517-402-6911

Invitations: Company’s name and Website: Paperless posts

Other Vendors: Dinner Cater – Applause Catering – Tyler Haaksma
616-940-0001 ext. 303

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