Proposal in Santa Barbara

Kelsey and Cameron

Not even the rain could stop Cameron from proposing to the love of his life!

It might have been windy and wet, but now warm at home, I can honestly say that it totally paid off!

Back in their old college town for the day only, there’s no way these two will ever forget this day.

Here is a little bit of their story told by Kelsey:

“Cameron and I met our senior year of college at the University of California Santa Barbara. After graduation, I had plans to move back to my hometown in Arizona, and Cameron landed a scholarship to the Sandra Day O’Connor law school at Arizona State University. He says I might have had something to do with his decision to apply and attend. 😉 Life quickly got in the way for both of us, and despite both living in Arizona, we fell out of touch.

Six or seven years had passed since we last saw each other when he texted me out of the blue! Since this was during the pandemic and restaurants had started to shut down, I suggested we meet in the park to catch up. We ended up talking all night, picking up right where we left off so many years ago. We met up again the following weekend, and before the night was over, he told me I have always been the one that got away. All he wanted was another chance to see where things would go. It didn’t take long for us to become inseparable and so in love!

Back in 2012 in college, one of my friends had an assignment in her photography class to take engagement photos. She was so upset because her models had bailed but the project was due the following day. I told her that Cameron and I didn’t mind helping her out, so we spent the day in Isla Vista taking pretend engagement pictures together. Fast forward to 2020 and Cameron had booked us a quick day trip to Santa Barbara to celebrate our anniversary.

Of course, a huge storm had come in, but we still spent the day running through the rain to revisit our old campus and the neighborhood where we used to live. As the very last stop, Cameron brought me to the exact same spot where we had taken our pretend engagement photos so many years ago to propose for real. It was so romantic! Even despite the rain, our photographer Sarah was waiting nearby to capture the moment. They say it’s good luck on your wedding day, so we have to imagine we are in for a lifetime of happiness!”

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