Loomis Family Barn Wedding // Courtney and Tyler

Courtney and Tyler had the most beautiful and surreal atmosphere for their wedding at the amazing Loomis Family Barn in Arroyo Grande.

Someone once asked me what the best part of being a wedding photographer was. While it wasn’t a question I was expecting, the answer propelled me every day of my life to pick up my cameras and fly across states – it’s being able to capture beautiful beginnings and make them last forever. I know that this might sound cliche, but that’s the truth.

Courtney and Tyler are one of my favorite couples. They both attended the same middle school, high school, and youth group (talk of love as old as time). However, they didn’t become friends till their senior years in High School. Despite their close proximity to one another at local events, church and school, they never connected until high school. They started dating at the end of High School on the 29th of April, 2017, and have been together ever since.

To cement things and engrave their love story in stone, Tyler pulled off a surprise proposal, even though Courtney always had the plans. Picking a date over spring break, Tyler found the right opportunity to propose to her. 

Unknown to Courtney, Tyler had gathered the whole family and their best friends for a surprise engagement party.

While the wedding was a family affair with only close family members and friends, the warmth in the air, the electrifying vibes, and the support of family and friends made it a wedding that one would not forget in a hurry. 

The story that began as just friends eventually results in a consummation of forever friendship. Courtney and Tyler won’t forget in a hurry the beautiful hilltop sunset spot, the mighty oak trees, and the ambiance of love that Loomis Family Barn exuded to make this once-in-a-lifetime decision a beautiful one. Now, we reel out the wedding gallery of Courtney and Tyler for you to feast on….



Wedding Planner: Kristi Dibbern dibbernk@gmail.com https://www.kreativedetails.com/ (THE BEST!!!)

Videographer: Hannah Masters, marybeauchamp32@gmail.com, @hanny_masters

Hair Stylist: Caitie Youngkin (805) 710-0977, @hairbycyoungkin

Makeup artist:Alli Carr, @allí_lynn_

Florist: Emily Dobbe, flowersbyemilymaye@gmail.com, @flowersbyemilymaye

Wedding Dress: Allure 9716, Heart’s Desire in San Luis Obispo

Band/ DJ: Robert Crandall

Invitations: Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet

Photobooth: Lai Photo Booth, https://laiphotobooth.smugmug.com

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