Butterfly Beach Elopement/ Heather and Lance

Heather and Lance’s Butterfly Beach elopement was an exquisite and intimate affair. Despite the cold weather, since it was a winter wedding in Santa Barbara, we were determined to make the most of their special day and capture some amazing photos. The date was 02/22/2022, and it was indeed a special day to get married!

From my experience as a Santa Barbara wedding photographer, I’d say this was a rather intimate Montecito Inn wedding. They got ready at the Montecito Inn, had an amazing first look session, and then went to the beach to exchange their vows. 

Heather and Lance met on Bumble, tired of dating people they knew. They had been talking for a few weeks before the meeting, and the conversation was so good that they decided to have their first date. They quickly realized they had a lot in common, including their love of wine tasting, traveling, and just being around each other. They always say that they could be on the couch doing nothing and they would be happy. During the quarantine, they thrived; they even got a dog together, and shortly after Lance proposed to Heather in the city he was born in, San Francisco – with the stunning Golden Gate serving as the backdrop, in the company of their adorable furball, Ringo. Meanwhile, they became homeowners, and their excitement to get married grew and grew. They’re both big on numbers, and doing a wedding on 2.22.22 just made so much sense! I am so grateful for being a Santa barbara wedding photographer and having the opportunity to learn firsthand about such romantic love stories.

The funniest thing about Heather and Lance eloping is that they have both been part of 8-9 wedding parties each – bridesmaid, maid of honor, officiant – and they felt like they had already experienced the grandeur of big weddings. Therefore, they felt like elopement was more of their style. They reached out to me, their Santa Barbara wedding photographer, and said they loved my Instagram feed. Heather especially loved my ability to capture candid moments, and she desired the same for her Butterfly beach elopement. Needless to say, it was an honor to be a part of their close-knit and romantic intimate affair, and I reveled in every moment of being their Santa Barbara wedding photographer.

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