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Adrienne and Alex

The first thing Alex ever said to Adrienne was “meow” on OkCupid and the rest is history. But really, A&A were both youngsters fresh out of college living in LA back in 2012. The relationship was destined to be an adventure from the start. Date 1 was wine and Diana Krall at the Hollywood Bowl. Date 2 was burgers and craft beer at Father’s Office. Date 3: An overnight trip in Ojai where they swam in hot springs and held a raven. Date 4: Camping in Sequoia where they ran into a baby bear. Adventures like these went on for about six months until life and work took them separate ways. For the next four years, Alex worked in Chicago and London. Adrienne jumped around gigging from LA to Chicago to NY and went on her first national tour with a Broadway show. During this time, they could not forget about each other… In 2016, they reconnected over email. In September of that year, Alex came to Chicago to visit Adrienne from London, and well, he hasn’t left since. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to one another, work, and travel. They have gotten lost in Yosemite, road-tripped Croatia, received their advanced scuba diving certifications in Honduras, canoed the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, hiked the red rocks in Sedona, and more. Their mutual passions for music, nature, food and travel make for an endlessly exciting and fulfilling bond.

Every VDay, A&A hasve a tradition of reliving their first date. They typically have a picnic in their apartment and listen to Diana Krall’s live album. Before the festivities began, Adrienne caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror in her big baggy shirt and glasses: her typical covid outfit. She decided to change into some lacy skivvies and demanded that Alex don his smallest pair of boxers before they got their picnic going. It was Valentine’s Day, after all! Little did Adrienne know that Alex would propose to her that night! Very goofy, as they are! In the proposal, Alex talked about how in all their years, together and apart he always knew Adrienne was the one.

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